Yida Industry was established in 2006. It has one trade company,3 manufacturers and one engineering company.

Today, as a comprehensive company, it engages in trading, engineering service and manufacturing.

Annual sales turnover of more than USD 5 million.

More than 400 employees. More than 25 technical persons.

Yida produces and supplies many kinds of metal parts, plastic parts.The products are supplied to different industries area, such as the Furniture industry, Building industry, Machine industry, etc.,

More than 5 years experience in the OEM business.Understanding various requirements from the customers in different countries very well.

Supply good service for all the customers.

Address: Building 15, Gudi Road 161, Baoshan District, Shanghai City, China
Tel:(86-21)86-21-61470591 Fax:(86-21)-61470598

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